Embajada de la República Argentina en Reino de Tailandia




Date     Commemoration

Friday  1st  January  New Year's Day

Monday  8th  February  Carnival

Tuesday   9th February  Carnival

Thursday 24th March  Easter

Friday  25th March  Good Friday  

Sunday   1st May   Labor Day

Wednesday 25th May   May revolution

Monday  20th June  Day of the National Flag

Saturday 9th  July   Independence Day

Monday  15th August  San Martin Day

Monday  10th October  Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

Monday  28th November  National Sovereignty Day

Thursday 8th December  Immaculate Conception

Sunday  25th December  Christmas Day


Friday  1st  January  New Year's Day

Monday  22nd February  Makha Bucha Day

Wednesday 6th  April   Chakri Day

Wednesday 13th – Friday 15th  April  Songkran Festival      

Sunday  1st May   Labor Day

Thursday 5th May   Coronation Day                                                                                          

Friday   6th May   Additional Official Holiday

Monday  9th May    Ploughing Ceremony Day

Friday  20th May   Wisakha Bucha Day                                                                                

Monday  18th July   Additional Official Holiday

Tuesday  19th July   Asalha Bucha Day

Wednesday 20th July   Buddhist Lent Day

Friday  12th August  Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday                                                            

Sunday   23rd October  Chulalongkorn Day

Monday  24thOctober  Substitution for Chulalongkorn Day

Monday  5th December   His Majesty the King's Birthday and National

Saturday 10th December  Constitution Day

Monday  12th December   Substitution for Constitution Day

Saturday  31st December  New Year's Eve Day



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Palacio San Martin